Other Registrar groups

Not only in the Netherlands and Flandern registrars have gathered themselfs in groups or associations. You can find the ones that are known to us or that we are in contact with at this page. Also we added information about the European Registrars Conferences that took place in from 2006 onwards.


Germany – Registrars Deutschland e.V.

France –  AFROA

Hongary – Hungarian Registrars Group

Italy – Registrarte, l’Associazione Italiana

          dei Registrar di Opere d’Arte

Austria – ARC

Scandinavia – Nordic Registrar Group

Spain – ARMICE

United Kingdom – UKRG

Switserland – Verein Swissregistrars


Australia and New Zealand – Australasian Registrars Committee (ARC)

USA – Association of Registrars and Collections Specialists (ARCS)

USA – Registrars Commitee of the American Alliance of Museums (RCAAM)

European Registrar Conferences

12th European Registrars Conference, Strasbourg 12-14 November 2020

11th European Registrars Conference, Londen 16-18 November 2018

10th European Registrars Conference, Vienna 8-10 June, 2016:

9th European Registrars Conference, Helsinki 8-10 June, 2014

7th European Registrars Conference, Amsterdam 7-9 November, 2010

6th European Registrars Conference, Basel 10-11 November, 2008

5th European Registrars Conference, Madrid 13-14 November, 2006

Other relevant organisations

American Alliance of Museums

Art Loss Register

Bureau Herkomst Gezocht


Collections Trust

Icefat (International Convention of Exhibition and Fine Art Transporters)

ICOM Nederland

Lending for Europe


Network of European Museum Organisations (NEMO)

Preparation, Art handling, and Collections Care Information Network (PACCIN)

Restauratoren Nederland


Rijksdienst voor het cultureel Erfgoed

Indemniteit aanvragen

Vlaams steunpunt voor cultureel Erfgoed (FARO)